After long experience in tourism and travel industry the company has been established in 1998 with the enterprise of Hüseyin Ulukapı and Kenan Ulukapı brothers. Since 2003, nirvana group of companies main sectors in business are construction, real estate, hotel business and exporting fresh vegetables and fruits all around Turkey. Nirvana Export is the member of Nirvana Group of Companies located in Antalya Turkey. As being located in the hearth of fresh vegetables and fruit growing lands in Antalya, our main mission is to deliver agricultural products in Turkey to the main distributors and wholesalers in Europe, Russia, Baltic states and Middle East countries. Nirvana Export company in Antalya provides excellent quality fresh fruits, vegetables, organic products in Turkey direct from the orchards and farms in cold chain distribution facilities with distinguished care. Our company’s head quarter is located in Antalya where typical Mediterranean climate conditions exists and also where almost all vegetables and majority of fruits are produced. This unique location provides many good advantageous of supplying excellent quality vegetables and fruits all year long. Nirvana Group of companies is also the producers of best quality Washington navel orange in Finike as part of our family business. However our main activity is not only growing but also exporting fantastic quality fruits and vegetables. We handle these products with utmost care, from the farms until the final destination with atmosphere controlled storage conditions. Our supervisors and agricultural engineers are always on duty during the production process. They check each farmer to follow up strict growing terms and sustainability. Their task is also to select the best farming field for each specific crop. After the harvest, we check the product according to fix parameters and pack them for our client’s request. Vegetables and fruit cultivation under Mediterranean sun and special geographical elements make our product grow and develop into tasty. For this reason, organic products, tasty vegetables, best citrus species, stone fruits, grapes are the most demanded products in our region. Our main target is to produce and supply the freshest product directly from the growers and deliver them as fast as possible to our customers.

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